About Me

Product and Portrait Photographer

My name is Marc Bollon, and I’m a product and portrait photographer. I took a photography class back in 1995 and loved it. Of course, it was film cameras back then, so you had to learn about aperture, shutter speed, ISO, film speed, etc.

Today, digital cameras do it all, and you can try multiple settings and see the results right away. This has made the business of photography more attainable for more people, but not everyone learns the technical part of using the camera. I enjoy shooting in manual mode; not many people can say that. I’ve kept up that knowledge and appreciation for photography ever since and currently use a Canon digital camera.

I started my photography business in 2018 as a side hustle. I’ve made it a point the last few years to not simply be a weekend photographer doing the photos in the park and giving the client all the photos. How many people use all those photos or print them off to hang on the wall anyway?

I provide edited photos and prints for my portrait packages. If you’re interested in someone taking the photos and giving you the memory card, I’m not your photographer. I also don’t do weddings, engagements, or couple photos.

Day Job

My day job is in Law Enforcement with over 23 years of service. I enjoy helping others and serving our community, so when I do my side jobs, I put that same level of service into the results. I aim to produce incredible photos, whether products or portraits.

That’s Not All

I’ve been married for 21 years and have two teenage children. Both of my children have played soccer, so I have honed my action shot photography as well as sports portrait photography. I live in North Fort Worth and am open to serving the surrounding areas.

Copywriting and Graphic Design

I also provide Copywriting and Graphic Design services through my other website www.ntxwriter.com. I can take your photos, design your graphics, and write your copy, making me the perfect solution for your advertising and marketing needs.

Contact Me

Whether it’s a portrait, sports, or product photography, I will provide you with an excellent product.

Contact me to get your quote and time scheduled.