Product Photography Essential to Success

Product photography is essential to your company’s success. Your customers aren’t there in person to touch and see your products, so clear photos of your products are necessary. Plus, many customers will check out your online store before coming to your brick-and-mortar store. So, great photos will help in-person sales as well.

Financially, paying for a professional photo of your product is a small price to pay if it results in a large volume of sales. For instance, if you have a stock of 100 products with a profit margin of $5 or more and you sell them all, then paying $50 for a photo of that product is a drop in the bucket. That’s a 1000% return on investment just for a photo.

Hello, I’m Marc Bollon. I’ve been an enthusiast of photography for over 20 years and doing it professionally as a side hustle since 2017. I pride myself on crystal-clear photos that show off my client’s products.

I’m also experienced in web design, brochure and catalog design, and copywriting. So I can take your photo, ensure it’s perfect for whatever media you need it for, and even help you with tag lines and catalogs. (Click to check out my website)

Although I am based in north Fort Worth, Texas, you may ship your products to me from any location.  Once your project is started, online proofs will be available within 48-72 hours. 

Pricing starts at $50 per product with a minimum of 5 items, with discounts on the quantity down to $25 per item for 60 or more.

Clients of Note

  • Newstream Capital – Roanoke, Texas
  • Penguin Patch Holiday Shop – Fort Worth, Texas
  • Roanoke Fire Department – Roanoke, Texas
  • Saint Elizabeth Anne Seton Catholic Church – Keller, Texas

White Background

Both Amazon and eBay require white backgrounds for product images, with a minimum image size of 500px x 500px on eBay and 1000px for Amazon. White is distraction-free and highlights your product. I exceed those requirements by providing 3000px x 3000px at 100 ISO, which provides clear, sharp photos.


I specialize in transparent backgrounds. I will remove your product from the photo for an additional fee, allowing any background you wish to insert.


Having your products taken in your store environment, such as sitting on a shelf or hanging from a tree, gives a personal touch.

If environmental photos are required on-site, I will schedule them for a Monday or a Saturday. I will work out a convenient photo shoot and ensure the best photos possible.

Contact me to learn how I can help you with your product sales.

The Process

Contact Me

Simply fill out the contact me form to request a proposal. I will reach out and request additional information such as the number of products, product size, background type wanted, whether are they for online or print, whether you are shipping to me or I’m coming to you, and perhaps a couple of photos of the products.

The Proposal

I’ll put together a proposal that will include a contract. It will cover pricing, timeframes, and legal stuff such as cancellation, copyrights, and using photos for my own marketing purposes. Both parties will agree and edit as necessary then execute the contract. I require 50% payment up front and after that is paid, we get started.

The Photos

You will then deliver the products to me or I will come to you depending on the agreement. I will take the photos. I strive to have proofs available within 48 hours of completing the photos. You will review the photos and select the ones you want for editing. I’ll then edit them and provide you with final proofs for review.

The Delivery

After it all looks good, I’ll return the products to you in the same way they were sent to me. You’ll get digital access to your images for 30 days to download them. A final bill will be provided and payment made under the terms agreed to.

That’s it. Simple and hassle-free for you.