Marc Bollon

I provide Copywriting, Proofreading and Editing, Photography, and Graphic Design services.


I write emails, landing pages, and literature that persuades customers to take action such as visit a store, a website, or make an immediate purchase. Resulting in potential increases in client revenue and customer base.

Proofreading and Editing

If you already have literature to that needs proofreading and editing, I will review it, correct spelling and grammar, and if requested, suggest changes.

Academic Writing

One thing I enjoy is reading papers of students, proofing them for mistakes, and offering suggestions for changes. I won’t write a student’s paper, but I will help correct errors to help them learn. I am familiar with both APA and MLA formatting.

I offer special pricing for students. Checkout my Writing section for samples of papers I wrote while earning my Master of Liberal Arts degree.


I provide services in commercial product photography for your website or catalog, head-shot photography for you or your employees, and portrait photography in-studio or outdoors. I am available for personal or professional photo sessions.

One-Stop Shop

I am a complete solution to your online and print media needs offering experience in:

  • Website design both programmed and WordPress.
  • HTML programming for simple emails and pages.
  • Copywriting for your printed and web content.
  • Proofreading and copyediting for both Academic and Business writing.
  • Graphic Design for your logos and literature.
  • Photo Editing to ensure your images reflect your business.
  • Photography for photos of your products and people.

Whatever your need, I can help your company get it’s presence out in front of customers.


Pricing is based on project type. Contact me to get a detailed quote.